Saturday, April 21, 2012

Killing time . . .

It's Parents Weekend at school so rather than prepping to race XC today at Sea Otter, I'm in teacher mode and meeting with lots and lots of parents. Would have enjoyed doing a big loop, as opposed to the racetrack, but it's been a really good PW. I've learned that my reputation as the hardest teacher is well intact, and that, better yet, my students respect me for it. In about 25 minutes I'm off to hear read aloud the winning pieces of the Writing Contest and I'm really excited because they are stunning and the kids who wrote them are going to be really, really proud. After working so hard, often without as much reward as they deserve, it's fun to stop and celebrate the fruit of their labors.
This is what teacher mode looks like.                      

See? I felt good.
 Training has gone super well lately. I did another 50 mile effort last weekend in prep for the Whiskey 50 and felt waaaaaay better than I did during the previous 50 miler. I hit my numbers and didn't feel like I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Always a plus. Also worked on eating more solids and that made a big difference in terms of energy level, and I got a chance to practice throwing a tube into tubeless tires after I sliced my sidewall. Fun with Stans No Tubes juice. Nice. It had rained a bunch the days before and there was even snow on the mountains.

Yep, snow in SB.

Super stoked about the Whiskey 50 next weekend. Definitely an intimidating slate of women: All kinds of events are scheduled including a crit on mountain bikes in downtown Prescott. Hmmm.

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